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Mere words are impossible to capture the treat that is the Om Shoppe. Set in a strip mall on busy 41, is an oasis! The feeling of the store from the staff is that they all love what they do. Great products and wonderful massages. Prior to receiving a massage, they provide an aura report which is very nice. The massage with singing bowls and aromatherapy was terrific and very reasonably priced.

The OM Shoppe offers healing treatments for both our physical and energy bodies through therapeutic massage treatments and holistic energy healing treatments. Organic materials and extensive therapist training is the secret sauce. Relax and center your energy through the use of healing crystals and inclusion of crystal singing bowl sound wave therapy. Every massage treatment incorporates energy body healing as a fundamental part of the therapeutic massage experience, at no extra cost.

Owners Nancy and Beth, and their fabulous team, create an experience for the senses from the minute you arrive. I highly recommend the Chakra balancing massage with sound and color therapy. Shannon is an awesome massage therapist and true healer who is caring and sharing of her positive energy. If you love crystal singing bowls, this is the place. Hypnotherapy for weight loss or other reasons? They are the professionals to see. They offer so much more, and you should stop by and see for yourself.

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