Pelagic Quest

All-inclusive Expedition
Our flagship 24 hour fishing expedition! This is the experience that you will talk about for a lifetime. Show up at 6pm to a delicious meal as you travel out 3 hours to Swordfish all night. Then, be ready for the Blue Marlin hunt at dawn! Spend the next day catching Wahoo, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, and other prized species that survive in the deep waters along the pelagic shelf. You will have your own Captain, First Mate, and Onboard Hostess to ensure that your experience is safe, full-service, and super-fun!
Midnight Rider
42' Yellowfin
300+ miles
6 guests + crew


As the largest member of the mackerel family, these fish are one if the fastest fish in the sea. They can travel up to 10 knots, and often go for live baits intended for king mackerel. Wahoo linger around current and water temperature breaks, as well as bottom contour changes. Best opportunity surrounds a summer full moon.

Mahi Mahi

Also known as mahi-mahi, these are one of the most popular game fish. They are extremely fast, colorful, and taste delicious. They can grow up to 50 pounds, and travel in schools. We troll for them along weed lines with features, lures and rigged bait lines, or chum the waters and cast with lighter tackle.


South Florida is the only place in the USA where anglers can target swordfish with reliability. Large baits and specialized gear is required, along with tech that allows us to fish for swords day or night. This is the apex predator that is considered the catch of a lifetime.

Blackfin Tuna

Blackfin tuna put up the biggest fights. They are a bit smaller than a yellowfin, with best chances surrounding reefs, wrecks, and hard bottom ledges at about 100 feet in depth. We use trolling techniques and chunking cut fish to catch them, most up to 10 pounds in size.


May tournaments center around this fantastic game fish, which can reach up to 200 pounds and swim up to 65 mph. Along the pelagic shelf in the gulf stream, these dynamic fish thrive in deep clear water. Winter is prime season, when seas are up on a strong north east wind.

Blue Marlin

With wild acrobatics and ridiculous strength, blue marlin swim the pelagic shelf searching for food. They prefer warmer waters and typically surprise us while trolling for dolphin. We use a flashy spread with dredges and teasers to lure them in. Marlins can exceed 1000 pounds although most are about 500 lbs here.
Trip length determines location opporunities to catch species- this is what we are after on these trips. no guarantees.
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