Fight rating: 8/10
Peak Season: All Year

Barracuda in Sarasota are known locally as the tiger of the flats. They are highly intelligent, have extremely good eyesight, and lightning fast. Barracuda are constantly looking for movement and are attracted to shiny, glittering objects like the silverly fish they prey on. They have been recorded to exceed 100lbs.

Barracuda are readily caught with both baits and lures. They are curious fish and will usually come over to have a look at anything that enters their territory. You must act quickly with them because they come on strong and fast, or lose interest altogether.

This fish is extremely flavorful and can be prepared in a variety of ways to satisfy a seafood-loving palate. Barracuda is a full-flavored fish like wild tuna with a mildly sweet undertone. It has a stronger, “fishier” taste than whitefish but less intense than anchovies. A barracuda’s off-white flesh is firm, dense and meaty with large flakes that have a low-fat content.

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