Blackfin Tuna

Fight rating: 8/10
Peak Season: All Year

Blackfin Tuna are excellent to catch here in Sarasota. They can be caught year around, with a high number of them available between the spring and summer months (April – August). They range in size from about 40 to 80 pounds but have been reported to exceed 400 lbs. We have the most success finding them about 50 to 75 miles offshore, so an 8+ hour trip is recommended if you’re after Tuna.

After you hook one, they put up a massive fight. They pull amazingly hard for their size, and they swim in big circles making them challenging to pull in. They are incredibly fast with tons of strength and stamina. Fighting a couple of these back-to-back will wear you out quickly. There is no size limit on these fish, so we aim for the big ones.

We use bait and lures utilizing topwater techniques. Sometimes we chum the water to lure them in closer to the boat. They school together in large groups and can even be seen breaching the surface as they chase the bait. Because Tuna don’t nibble, you’ll know immediately when the hook is set, and they thrash.

Tuna are both delicious and very beautiful. They are common for sushi restaurants due to the high-grade of meat and can be prepared raw or lightly grilled. They have a silver reflective texture that looks amazing as they come aboard.

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"Tuna are aggressive. They literally chase you!"

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