Fight rating: 10/10
Peak Season: All Year

When you think of the most prized gamefish in the sea, the Swordfish should most certainly be at the top of your list. Their streamlined body allows them to swim up to speeds of 50mph, and they can grow to over 1,100 pounds. Swordfish only live about 9 years, and females are typically larger than males. In fact, most swords over 350 lbs. are almost always female.

There is nothing more exciting than hooking a huge swordfish and seeing them leap into the air with force and fury. It’s the ultimate challenge. It takes time and an expert fisherman to find and hook them. But once you do, you’ll suddenly forget the 12+ hour overnight trip and long wait that it takes to earn the catch.

As one of the most powerful fish in the sea, they require highly specialized equipment including large reels, high tension line, and specialty baits and lures. Regardless of what they are biting on, once you hook one prepare for one epic battle that you’ll remember for a lifetime. They jump, pull, dive, change directions, literally anything can happen as they fight to get off your line.

Swordfish is a mild-tasting, white fish with a meaty texture. It’s prepared in steaks and has a very mild taste. Eat it grilled and you’ll almost feel like you’re biting into a steak. Even non-fish-eaters tend to enjoy a good cut of swordfish, which tastes reminiscent of tuna. If you’ve never tried swordfish that has been fresh caught, it’s next level delicious.

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"I have no words for how awesomely excited I was to catch a swordfish. Once in a lifetime experience and Pelagic Color pulled it off."

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